Employee XP

Unlimited human experience and efficiency

Reframe the processes your employees face every day to elevate the human experience. Rethink the whole employee lifecycle to create the perfect balance between efficiency and experience.

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Transform the employee's experience to drive business performance

Experience is not just well being and work-life balance programs, is also the day-to-day work, the interaction with several processes and digital tools, that most of the time don’t consider the employee experience.

Transform processes, policies and structures using the right technology to support your employee experience (EX).

Leverage this holistic approach to improve the employee’s journey and have a direct impact on customer satisfaction.

Now more than ever, it's critical for businesses to understand how to create meaningful experiences that connect the work back to the impact it has on workers, users, and customers in achieving their aspirations.

Employee Experience (EX) is inseparable from Customer Experience (CX)

The HR role in EX transformation has evolved from owning the hire-to-retire policies, processes and technology and adjacent experience to also influence, promote and orchestrate EX in every other process where employees are involved.

This shift is crucial to have engaged and motivated employees, a great place to work, with blended social and work experiences, while also considering cost reduction needs, headcount efficiency and individual and collective performance.

HR must be responsible for the employee’s journey, finding the moments that matter for each workforce persona, identifying the pain points in different process stages and reformulate according to the employee’s needs proving all support and digital tools needed during the experience.

Great workforce experiences build connections.

Strong connections create loyalty.

Loyalty drives business results.


Create the perfect balance between operational efficiency and employee experience.
Promote engaged and motivated employees, while considering efficiency and performance.

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Employee XP: Unlimited human experience and efficiency

A comprehensive yet modular approach to transform employee experience from A to Z, creating a human-centered Employee Experience. Our goal is to obtain the perfect balance: achieve HR and operational efficiency, while providing an engaging experience.

5 steps to transform your Employee Experience


Target key EX enablers for transformation

Determine scope in terms of implicated processes, either related with the Hire to Retire cycle or other organizational processes, by selecting target areas according to change impact and effort.


Imagine employee experience

Imagine the future employee experience, for each persona, based on their current pain points, moments that matter and expectations for future process journeys. Set the vision and guiding principles, systematize opportunities for each journey.


Design underlying dimensions according to defined experience

Design underlying dimensions according to defined experience, including organization, roles and capabilities, underlying policies and models, processes and activities and technology landscape.


Deliver. Implement the designed dimensions

Deliver technology solutions, supporting the transformation with project management and ensuring adoption with change management programs.


Run the new experience design

Operationalize in a day-to-day basis the reviewed processes through outsourcing services. Support application management to keep them updated with current organizational needs.

What’s in it for your business?

Key Benefits

There’s a clear correlation of Employee Experience with customer experience and tangible business results is clear



  • Positive reviews
  • Reputation improvement
  • Attract the best talents


  • Productivity increase
  • Effort and commitment improvement
  • Higher efficiency


  • Retain the best people
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Higher onboarding impact

Bottom line

  • Higher profits
  • Increase revenues
  • Increase ROI per employee

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