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Unlimited growth potential

The analytical model to help your organization capture business potential with specific and tailored growth plans, at a micro market level.

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How well do you know your market?

Turn analytical data into relevant business insights.

What if you no longer had to define your commercial strategy only based on past performance evaluations or even ambiguous segments comparisons? What if you could translate the available information into relevant business insights? Better yet, what if you could capture information of a specific micro market - e.g., neighborhood or block - and estimate its own growth potential?

Stop relying on inaccurate information, that fails to meet the ever-increasing business expectations and start implementing local strategies with the right information at a micro level.

After all, only defining strategies based on generic market information really is a thing of the past. We live in the era of digital transformation and organizations expect accurate business insights to drive growth and results.

Make more effective decisions and tailored growth strategies. Identify and quantify the ‘pockets of opportunity’ to explore in each micro market. Address the real opportunities for growth with different perspectives of evolution and commercial actions.

Get closer to see the big picture

Develop a unique commercial approach

Take advantage of each micro market potential. Evolve the distribution model and commercial strategy with a unique approach.
Use data to profile your customers and increase your market share, by transforming uncaptured potential into tailored growth plans.

Boost growth, enhance results and successfully revamp your commercial strategy, with an exclusive analytical model.

With a supported proprietary database that gathers information from different sources, Drone provides the necessary insights to design detailed growth plans at a micro market level.

The advanced analytical model combines information with BI and machine learning mechanisms, optimized over several years, to characterize each micro market with detail and precision, identifying and addressing the business potential and the needs in each one of them.


Capture the business potential in micro markets with specific growth strategies that you can monitor and follow-up. Act micro for macro success.

Know how

Drone: Unlimited growth potential

Drone is the offer that allows your company to be efficient and perform at the micro level. Develop and implement detailed growth plans, supported by a steadfast roadmap to expand your business. It’s about business growth based on the potential of micro markets: supported by specific market information from different source. Prioritize actions and devise more effective strategies, at a micro level.

There are countless growth opportunities around you.
Zoom-in. Success lies in the details.

What’s in it for your business?

Key Benefits


Detailed micro market analyses

  • Rich and accurate insights for each micro market
  • Optimization of physical distribution networks – size, location, type, team
  • Take advantage of our extensive database with specific inputs oriented to the client’s business

Tailored Business Plan

  • Business plans oriented towards specific accelerators, which enhance the sustained growth of the business
  • Definition of specific business strategies by territorial clusters
  • Implementation of specific growth plans for branches with high potential

Effective commercial strategy

  • Resources and effort oriented towards the initiatives with the greatest potential for success
  • Better results considering growth and profitability
  • Address the real needs of your customers based on the micro market characteristics

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