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Reframe the role of marketing within the organization. Use the power of Marketing to achieve the organization’s vision and purpose, rethink its structure, rebuild tools and reset governance models.

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Are you maximizing the power of Marketing?

Do clients know and experience your organization’s purpose?
If anyone walked into your company’s office today, would they understand its vision?
Is everyone in your company aware of its main strategic goals?
Are all your sales channels communicating as one, both digital and traditional, to provide a consistent experience?

Marketing is so much more than pretty ads, charming events and well targeted press-releases.

It´s time to bring marketing back to the heart of the business and let It be the unifying link of all functions. Marketing is an orchestrator - it’s the connector translating the vision into business goals, aligning products and communication with the company’s purpose and building a service experience across channels that differentiates you from competition.

As the Marketing lead, the CMO is key to make the organization’s vision and purpose a reality, both internally and externally.

Be the Future CMO your company needs right now.

Being an old school CMO was easier: less channels, less variables, less clients, less reviews, less tools, less competition, more control over the marketing strategy.
Well, globalization and digital boom happened. Now all departments are connected, with new areas in the organization, and Marketing should be the glue that holds it all together with a business wise perspective.
Despite the change some companies are lagging behind. Topics that belong to the CMO are spread across the organization, leaving the Marketing department with less responsibility and ownership. This segregation leads to operational and strategic inefficiencies, with different guidelines and inconsistent customer experiences.

Marketing scope is changing, and so is the CMO role.

With the new context in place, organizations can no longer separate Marketing and business growth. For every vision and purpose, the marketing strategy needs to be supported with the right structure, tools and capabilities, and performance metrics must be put in place.

The CMO becomes an orchestrator of competencies, tools and channels to develop the business sustainable growth.


Brand DNA and business growth – How to embrace the change?

Reframe the CMO role. Align the purpose, rethink your skills and regain control.


Brand Purpose & Strategy

Rethink the organization's vision and strategy.
Be crystal clear to Clients and society about your core values and purpose.
Leverage on business insights and intelligence to monitor market evolution and to remain at the forefront of your industry.


Operational & Governance

Align work and operations models. Review the structure, mechanisms for supervision of the different channels of interaction with the client, to ensure coordination and consistency. Invest in new ways of working to deliver exceptional experience.


Tools & Capabilities

Customers’ happiness should be the number one KPI to be addressed. Improve the commercial effectiveness of marketing through the appropriate technological tools. Challenge established use cases and existing models and embrace the future.

Evolve the Marketing role, empower the CMO, embrace a purpose-driven growth to sustain the future.

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Future CMO: Unlimited business leadership

Evolving from just Storyteller to Business Leader, CMOs face a relentlessly expanding, morphing role and organization.

Define an action plan to restructure the marketing role and operations, while ensuring alignment and consistency of services provided in different channels. Create the path to achieve the organization’s vision and aspiration.

What’s in it for your business?

Key Benefits


Maximize your vision’s power

  • Develop new (end-to-end) value propositions
  • Transform customer-brand interactions at all levels, considering all channels
  • Connect all areas and align all types of communication

Be recognized by your core values and purpose

  • Increase brand awareness and workforce engagement
  • Create clear and consistent value for your clients
  • Leverage your unique proposition

Improve commercial effectiveness

  • Take advantage of new interfaces
  • Be consistent across all communication channels (traditional & digital)
  • Use data to increase your market efficiency and effectiveness

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