The Digital Enterprise: Europe and Portugal



It is undisputable that the world is changing at a fast pace. Every single day, new technologies arise and change the way we communicate, do business and interact with what is around us. We are in a far more connected world and, nowadays, computers, smartphones, social media, wireless connections, cloud computing and instant messaging are all intrinsic parts of our daily routines and, over the years, the number of things connected to the internet and with one another will grow exponentially.

The younger generations have grown up under the influence of digital, becoming intimately familiar with technology, and will lead the world into a new digital era.

Digital opens up unprecedented possibilities for individuals and organizations. There are several significant benefits in the adoption of digital, representing great opportunities today for all those who can pursue the digital transformation journey. On the other hand, for those that do not embrace digital, the future will be very uncertain and they will be exposed to great business risks.

In this context, it is very important to understand where Portuguese enterprises stand in the digital journey and what their weaknesses and strengths are. To support this analysis, our team, together with

Siemens, has developed an extensive benchmark of the digital maturity of enterprises in 29 countries in Europe considering 6 dimensions, 18 categories and more than 100 indicators. As presented in this study, the benchmark results showed that Portuguese enterprises have their strengths, but also some very relevant weaknesses that must be addressed quickly to avoid jeopardizing their future in the digital world.

Digital Transformation is a complex process and a lack of action today will have a significant impact in the future. It is therefore urgent to act and to coordinate efforts among Portuguese enterprises to make sure they join the digital journey and are prepared for the very competitive years ahead.

In Portugal and all around the world, Deloitte has been analysing and supporting organizations in their digital transformations for some time now and we want to play our role supporting Portuguese enterprises through leading-edge systems integration and innovative strategy & operation work.

At Deloitte, we are passionate about challenging business conventions, driving change, and solving the problems of today and tomorrow.

Hoping that this study will support a call-to-action regarding the digital imperative among Portuguese enterprises, I am confident that the future will be positive and that Portuguese enterprises can thrive in a digital future.


António Lagartido,
TMT Industry Leader

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