The Deloitte CIO Survey 2014


The Deloitte CIO Survey 2014

CIOs: At the Tech-Junction

The Deloitte CIO Survey report presents the findings from our 2014 global survey, this year with responses from over 900 CIOs, from all major industry groups in 49 countries around the world.

This year’s survey focuses on the CIO as a business leader and a driver of growth through technology innovation. Organisations across the globe are setting their sights on stronger growth and, for many, technology investment is clearly a strategic priority. Digital, analytics and big data are taking precedence as technology is changing the way businesses operate and companies are adapting their operating models to reflect the emerging digital economy. But what role are CIOs playing in this new model?

CIOs: At the Tech-junction

Our report explores:

  • Portfolio of the CIO - How much visibility and control do CIOs have over their portfolio of projects and programmes?  Is their IT portfolio driving measurable business value? Which emerging technologies and trends are they investing in?
  • CIO relationships - How are relationships, both within and outside the organisation, being developed in order to help reshape the role of IT? How do CIOs rate themselves as strategic partners to the business?
  • Pulse of the CIO - Which personality traits do CIOs bring to the table? What is their appetite for commercial risk-taking? How successful are they at building a culture of innovation within their IT organisation?
  • 2014 hot topic: Analytics - How well defined is the CIO’s role in delivering analytics capabilities within their organisation? What are the key barriers to more widespread use of analytics within their business?

This year we also offer you an interactive infographic where you can filter on industry or region to find the data most relevant to you and your organisation. You can also take our quiz and benchmark your organisation against our survey results.

CIO portfolio

Our survey results reveal that CIOs are still focusing most of their budgets and efforts on delivering core services. But despite being sometimes limited by operational factors, some CIOs are looking to transform the IT function from a cost to a profit centre and investing in new technologies.

CIO relationship

Despite some challenges, there have been significant improvements in business relationships compared to last year’s survey with CIOs becoming stronger business leaders. But with the change in operating models it is becoming essential for CIOs to nurture strong relationships with new generation business leaders (chief digital officers, chief data officers) and  external networks (suppliers, alliance partners) to allow them more opportunities to tap into new avenues for innovation and talent.

CIO pulse

Our survey suggests that CIOs are considering innovation to be important but receive little funding to effectively deliver it. Despite their willingness to take intelligent risks with their IT portfolio, they feel constrained by their business leaders' attitudes to risk even more than by their budget limitations. Using the strengths of their personal style might help them make a stronger impact in the C-suite.

Hot topic: analytics

Analytics is very much a priority across organisations and more CIOs are now piloting, implementing or have adopted analytics technologies. But the role the CIO plays in this areas is still unclear with some of them only delivering the technology and others having ownership of providing the insight.

Benchmarking tool

Use our interactive infographic to see the results by industry or region. You can manipulate the data by clicking on the map or the industry icons. You can also take the survey to benchmark your organisation against our global survey results.

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Regional variations map

This interactive map shows the survey highlights but major global regions. 

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