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Businesses are being transformed in many ways: through mergers, acquisitions, digital, introduction of new technologies, restructuring, regulatory changes. Transformation is also driven by new leadership, strategic decisions to change direction to position for growth, or react to changing market conditions. The same challenges typically apply: need for a new organization design, culture, and behaviors, as well as the right leadership and talent. Leaders have to reach agreement on priorities, direction, and then communicate this vision to employees along with the specific steps necessary to make it a reality. At Deloitte, our practitioners know how critical it is to combine deep transformation experience with practical business strategy. OT&T is focused on enabling transformations through organization and people solutions, powered by analytics and insight to drive sustainable change. Our services include an array of innovative tools and resources that we adapt to meet the needs of every client’s unique situation.

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Our Organization Transformation and Talent services

Leadership: Why a perennial issue?

For the third year in a row, leadership soared to become one of the most pressing talent challenges faced by global organizations. So, if nearly every company recognizes leadership as a critical talent problem, why are so few companies making any progress in addressing it?

Develop leaders

Learning and development: Into the spotlight

Learning has become a business-critical priority for increasing skills, improving the leadership pipeline, and enhancing employee engagement and retention—one of the biggest challenges cited by respondents in Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends 2015 survey.

Organization Acceleration: The new science of moving organizations forward

Culture and engagement: The naked organization

In an era of heightened corporate transparency, greater workforce mobility, and severe skills shortages, culture, engagement, and retention have emerged as top issues for business leaders.