The Business of Intelligence


The Business of Intelligence

ME PoV Spring 2010 issue

Never has the adage “knowledge is power” been truer than in today’s business environment. With a world economy bedridden with the flu, we are all after information that helps us take the right decisions.

The world financial crisis has business leaders wondering how to come out the other end ready to dash into the revival period. But to get from point A to point B, businesses need to know where they are at now. So it is essential to define properly the state of point A: what do these leaders need to know now to help them reach their destination? They would also need the insight to rightly assess what point B would be like.

To that end, how good the information that is being received and distributed throughout the organization is and if it really reflects the current state of affairs is vital for decision-making. There is a well-defined framework that includes processes, governance and technology that enables business managers and leaders to achieve a panoramic view of their business and conduct the necessary analysis to make informed decisions: Business Intelligence.

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