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ME PoV Summer 2014 issue

Social progress

The next buzzword

The Social Progress Imperative, a collaborative effort from across countries, disciplines and sectors has for mission “to improve the quality of lives of people around the world, particularly the least well off, by advancing social progress.” They have recently launched the Social Progress Index (SPI) for the second year running in which they ranked 132 countries, including eight from the MENA region. So how does the region fare? In this insert, in which we have included the results of the survey, two of our authors, Steve Almond, chairman of the Global Board at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu and a member of the board of the Social Progress Imperative and Rashid Bashir, partner, head of Strategy Consulting at Deloitte Middle East, discuss the importance of the SPI for countries in general, and businesses in particular.

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