Advance talented women?


Have governments been quicker than corporations to advance talented women?

ME PoV Summer 2010 issue

Debates on the value of diversity and the empowerment and advancement of women have raged for centuries, but when it comes to gender equality, few achievements can compare with the rising role of women in government worldwide.

Paths To Power, a March 2010 report by Deloitte and Forbes Insights, reveals that women worldwide are rapidly advancing in the public sector, making government a leading example for businesses. The study reported that women hold chief executive and presidential positions in only 3% of the world's top 1,000 companies, yet almost 10% of United Nations countries now have women heads of state, a huge increase from the three female heads of state in 1975. Women also hold about 20% of parliamentary seats worldwide, nearly double that of 1995's 11.3%.

However, only 9.4% of all jobs than higher Vice President at Fortune Global 500 companies are women. Women are advancing faster in government than in business, but some countries are advancing faster than others and the report makes clear that women continue to have a low political impact in most parts of the world.

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