The ethics of growth and investment in the age of Artificial Intelligence

How the world’s most successful companies are advocating for social good among institutions and consumers.

In this new century, the core opportunity - and challenge - facing corporate managers, as well as those investing in their activities, is not just to harness new technology to develop and deliver attractive products and services in ways that generate a healthy profit.

It is also to do so in ways that contribute to meaningful progress against the ethical obligations imposed by UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Daunting as it is, this obligation is made more difficult still -- in both practical and ethical terms -- by the very nature of the digital/AI technology on which such progress depends. For the first time in human history, that technology makes it possible to take human beings out of critical decision loops entirely.

The ethical questions thus raised far outrun the settled wisdom embodied in yesterday's laws, regulations, and cultural practices. 

The digital revolution has brought in a new dimension to the challenge of ensuring responsible behavior. Find out what Sam Baker, our Monitor Deloitte partner, has to say on the matter in the London Business School article entitled “Thinking ahead: AI and automating corporate ethics”.


Sam Baker

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