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DME Returnship – Returnity Program

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Deloitte Middle East provides an inclusive environment where talented, high performing women can find outstanding careers and assume leadership positions. This vision is obtained through our Middle East gender balance ambition GLOW (Growth and Leadership Opportunities for Women) as aligned to our Diversity and Inclusion strategy which supports Deloitte’s commitment to diversity and inclusion through attracting, retaining and supporting high performing women to progress in their careers by providing them with the right set of skills and equal opportunities.

GLOW is the Deloitte Middle East's gender diversity ambition which supports and spotlights gender equality, representation, and advancement in the region, and promotes working practices which engage, develop, and support women within the Firm. GLOW further embeds the Firm’s commitment to fostering inclusivity and includes programs which promote gender balance such as mentorship, sponsorship and allyship. Through the establishment of new programs such as returnship and responding to the changing needs of the people and the business, Deloitte ensures an exceptional employee experience. 

Deloitte Middle East’s commitment to gender inclusive practices is further amplified with the Returnship program – Returnity, one of GLOW's flagship programs designed to support women returning from parental leave. 

Returnity is a transition program designed to offer flexible, consistent support to our practitioners throughout their entire parental leave journey before, during and after they take their leave. 

The program provides all relevant stakeholders with the necessary tools and resources to tailor arrangements for new parents returning to work. Individuals can design their return plan in alignment with business needs, leveraging signature programs such as HybridWorks, mentoring and other specifically curated offerings to extend necessary support.

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