Project Assurance


Project Assurance

Bridging the gap between your boardroom and projects

Our Project Assurance team has a deep rooted understanding of the construction and built environment. Our team has reviewed over 1,000 projects in different countries and has provided services to real estate owners, infrastructure developers, and contractors.

The built environment has experienced a tremendous flux in the Middle East. The success of any construction programme is rooted in the development of a ‘project organization’ that applies effective policies, procedures, processes, systems and tools to drive financial, management, and contractual excellence by programme participants.

Our project management professionals have extensive experience assessing capital project risks, assessing contractor and supplier quality and reliability, assessing project planned versus actual cost analysis, planning and scheduling activities, schedule and delay analysis, project risk assessments, project risk management, cash flow projections, as well as the other aspects of construction projects such as project and programme management. Our enterprise advisory and project management professionals understand the challenges and the technical issues that are encountered by our clients in performing their projects, and have developed and implemented proprietary tools, systems and processes to provide bespoke solutions to improve and streamline performance.

Our professionals offer an actionable plan - not just ideas - to get our clients projects and businesses back to maximum operating performance by assisting them with the following services:

Governance & Procedures

  • Developing structured processes that enable, not hinder the progress of your projects;
  • Establishment of value drivers and implementing, monitoring and delivering against these drivers;
  • Programme / Programme Management Office / Oversight support, often acting in a client role.

Controls & Contract review

  • Studying the intricate details of contract and cost information to enable reliable forecasting and monitoring;
  • Scheduling analysis to look back at delay reasoning or forward for identification of potential timing risks;
  • Development of controls that closely align with value drivers and contract conditions.

Time, Cost & Risk development

  • Appreciation of time constraints in order that controls can be developed or implemented to closely monitor these constraints;
  • Understanding a Project from a financial perspective to avoid disputes and mis-alignment of expectations;
  • Establishment of a clear reporting and communications structure to manage and escalate time / cost / issues if they arise;
  • Development of a clear mitigation plan to obviate the full impact of time / cost / risks.

When it comes to understanding your project, however large or complex, our professionals can provide you with the comfort of being with you through to the finish line. Our ability to assimilate with our clients to ensure a far deeper understanding of the drivers for projects or programmes allows us to develop and adapt proven processes and controls in order that value is maximised, the outcome of projects or programmes of work align with expected outcomes, and all parties reach a consensus that success has been attained.