The Deloitte Talent in Insurance Survey 2014


The Deloitte Talent in Insurance Survey 2014

The United Arab Emirates in Focus

Insurance less popular in the UAE
Insurance is less popular in the UAE than in any other EMEA market surveyed.

Sky-high interest in transport and logistics
The most popular sector for business students surveyed in UAE is transport and logistics. Emirates Airlines, Etihad Airways and Dubai Airports feature in the top five most popular “ideal employers”.

Everyone loves Google
Google is the second-most popular employer with UAE business students. It is also the most popular employer in nine out of the 17 EMEA markets surveyed.

Work-life balance is top career goal
More than half of all insurance-inclined students chose “to have work-life balance” in their top three career goals, out of a list of nine options.3 Job security and having an international career ranked joint second.

Insurance-inclined students expect less money
Unlike most other markets in the survey, UAE insurance-inclined students expect to earn less than the average for other business students.

Gender balanced
Unlike most EMEA markets, the proportions of men and women among insuranceinclined students are about equal.

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The Deloitte Talent in Insurance Survey 2014
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