The Digital Islamic Services landscape


The Digital Islamic Services landscape

Uncovering the Digital Islamic Services opportunity for the Middle East and the World

As the Digital Services landscape and the Islamic Economy continue to expand at an exceptional pace, specialist services such as education, finance and marketing for the Digital Islamic Services sector are gaining ground.

Even so, the findings of this report reflect that many aspects of the Digital Islamic Services segment remain fairly nascent with few successful exemplars across the world.

The purpose of this report is to provide a framework to those with an interest in the Digital Islamic Services landscape. In looking at the landscape across multiple areas of the Islamic Economy, it is intended that this framework looks beyond areas where existing services have so far enjoyed success. Through taking a consumer needs perspective, as well as considering the broader digital ecosystem and Islamic Economy, opportunities which may be unique to the Islamic culture, tradition and needs of the Middle East may also be identified. In addition to defining a framework to describe the Digital Islamic Services landscape, we have provided some commentary on the maturity of such services in the Middle East and globally. This assessment draws on a range of case studies, and is further underpinned by insights from interviews with key players actively offering such services.

The Digital Islamic Services landscape has been defined under nine key industry verticals and areas, which constitute the pillars of the global Digital Islamic Economy: Halal Food, Halal Travel, Islamic Finance, Modest Fashion, Islamic Art & Design, Islamic Economy Education, Smart Mosques, Islamic Media all centered around associated Islamic Standards & Certifications.

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