The global Takaful insurance market

Charting the road to mass markets

This report looks at the emerging regulatory and practice challenges that will impact the Takaful industry. It seeks to assess the business structures and strategies, market development and growth trends globally. Throughout the report, we explore key emerging practical and strategy issues pertinent to the industry and suggest the ways in which Takaful operators can adapt and respond to these challenges for the coming new phase of growth.

This thought leadership report also provides a case study of the industry in Bahrain and highlights growth trends and challenges to sustain growth. The methodology of developing this report is based on original research whose aim is to analyze key markets in MENA and SEA. The report combines the insights and first-hand experience of Deloitte’s leading practitioners and prominent industry executives from the Takaful sector. Interviews were carried out with a number of thought leaders from academic and research institutions, law firms, regulatory authorities and industry self-regulatory organizations.


The global Takaful insurance market
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