The Finance Labs

Get there Faster

In the span of a single day, you’ll work through a broad range of experiences carefully designed to spark productive action. First-hand participation in one of our Finance Labs delivers a fast, reliable way to gain command of your most pressing finance issues

Explore. Prioritize. Mobilize.

The Finance Labs help CFOs and other Finance executives achieve three critical tasks: Explore. Prioritize. Mobilize.

Convene together your most senior Finance executives. What do you find? Most likely they bring ten divergent agendas to the table. The problem is that misaligned teams are ill equipped to tackle high priority challenges that span the entire Finance organization.

In our Finance Labs, we routinely see teams begin the day with a host of differing viewpoints and agendas—only to leave at the end of the day with a shared set of goals and plans to achieve them. That’s powerful. And it can be nearly impossible to accomplish when operating in business-as-usual mode; our Finance Labs are anything but business as usual.

Key Triggers

Any significant obstacle is a trigger for a Lab. As such, our model enables us to create Labs that target virtually any issue. Below is a select list of common triggers that make our Finance Labs relevant to your needs, including:

  • Alignment and engagement
  • Change
  • Speed​
  • Direction

Your day in the Finance Labs

Your day in the Finance Labs
While each Finance Lab is designed to meet your specific needs, many tend to follow the flow outlined below. Each step is supported by exercises, meeting props, and discussion tools designed to drive maximum value from our time together.

Identify key attributes of the future organization or operational end-state

Set the tone and purpose for the dayRole
Define how Finance should allocate its time across its four key roles

Examine the perceptions and expectations of key Finance stakeholders

Review and validate the competency model

Identify the greatest opportunities for improvement and the capabilities required to achieve them

Prioritize opportunities in the face of limited time and resource investments

Identify hypothesis solutions and current capabilities to execute them

Create the tactical plan to test identified hypotheses

Assess confidence in ability to deliver each initiative and initiative portfolio

Consider how success would be depicted as a media headline

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