Qatar’s Digital Frontier: Mapping the future of skills

Explore how digital skills drive innovation and unite industries for a tech-driven future in our latest report

The report highlights the ever-evolving economic landscape, and how the rapid rise of digital skills has become a driving force, fostering innovation, bridging disparities and propelling industries into an interconnected, technology-driven future.

Global digital transformation in an era of digital connectivity – has revolutionized economies, businesses, and societies. Automation and technological advancements are improving efficiency, enhancing innovation, and reshaping the employment landscape. To stay competitive and foster sustainable growth, economies target the development of the workforce alongside digital transformation trends.

Qatar is undergoing a profound transformation driven by technology – catalyzing economic diversification and positioning the region as a hub for digital innovation. In parallel, the nation is making substantial strides in ambitious upskilling programs and partnerships to equip its workforce with the digital skills needed for the evolving job market. Qatar's digital transformation journey is a testament to the nation's commitment to innovation and progress outlined by its National Vision 2030 (QNV 2030).

As such, the digital skills landscape needs to evolve to unlock the full potential of advanced technologies and realize the impact of the investments made in digitization across various sectors. In fact, in Qatar, more than 40 percent of the workforce will require reskilling by 2030 due the evolution of advanced technologies across various industries. Digital skillsets with the highest demand for upskilling include integration of robots and VR/AR, usage of collaborative platforms, data science, and cybersecurity. 

Overall, ensuring digital skill development across all sectors will require the collaborative efforts of key stakeholders including public / private sector and

Qatar’s Digital Frontier: Mapping the future of skills
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