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Reward | Volume 2

This whitepaper is designed to provide insights into different reward strategies and mechanisms that can be used by organizations to ensure their key people are retained, incentivized, and motivated to achieve long-term goals.

Businesses also need to think long term in terms of their organizational objectives and in doing so they need to carefully consider how they will incentivize and reward the key people who will help ensure those organizational objectives are met.

There is an opportunity for businesses in the Middle East to implement well-thought out, long-term reward strategies that are in line with organizational objectives and global best practices. These strategies can significantly contribute to the sustained performance of the business.

Given the significant role that investment funds play in the regional economy, Volume 2 of our Global Employer Services whitepaper provides an insight into how investment funds can incentivize key business personnel.

Volume 2 provides an overview of how funds that invest for the medium and long term can implement reward arrangements, including the mechanics of carried interest, sweet equity, and co-investment. Also considered are:

  • The factors that funds acquiring a minority stake in organizations should analyze
  • The dynamics that determine how much value should be delivered to key people
  • How people who cease to be part of the organization can be treated if value has not yet been delivered (e.g. good/bad leaver provisions)
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