Families are increasingly concerned with ensuring their business and assets are effectively managed in line with a clear strategy for long-term benefits

Deloitte has been proudly serving tens of thousands of family-owned companies and family offices in all geographies including KSA, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar, for many years.

In a wealthy family robust governance is required to ensure continued harmony, the long term success of the family business and the smooth transition of wealth between generations.

 Key considerations for the family:
  • Who is the wealth there to serve, and when? Is the holding structure robust and flexible?    
  • Family unity needs a shared vision and values to guide current and future generations.
  • Is there agreement on ownership of assets? How are the assets
  • What involvement in the family business is required of family
  • A formalised family governance structure that evolves with
    the family can avoid future disputes.
  • How are future generations to be educated and readied
    appropriately for any role in the family business/investments?
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