Families are professionalising the management of their businesses and assets to ensure they can compete with the market leaders

Deloitte has been proudly serving tens of thousands of family-owned companies and family offices in all geographies including KSA, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar, for many years.

Managing investments outside the family business requires expertise to meet investment objectives and an appropriate structure to protect those assets. More families are creating a family office structure and building teams of investment experts to professionalise the management of their wealth.

Key considerations for the family:
  • It is important to align the family’s objectives with the team managing their wealth.
  • The investment team needs to have the skills and experience to meet the family’s objectives.
  • Appropriate and explicit governance including clear investment policies, tax strategies and crisis management protocols are key to success.
  • Is there appropriate reporting to different stakeholder groups, i.e. those family members with ownership interests, those also having a management or oversight role?
  • Different jurisdictions have a variety of regulatory requirements for those providing investment advice, which can apply to family offices. These requirements can be a burden, but it is very important to ensure that they are adhered to, as failing to do so carries significant penalties.
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