Global tax resources


Global Tax Resources

Access the links below to view tax resources that supplement the global tax alerts and newsletters prepared by Deloitte professionals around the world.

Dbriefs Webcasts

Webcasts that offer insights on important issues affecting businesses


Deloitte tax@hand

An interactive global app accessible through multiple devices


DITS Jurisdictions Summary

This summary page lists the 66 DITS jurisdictions, with links to all DITS information for the jurisdiction selected


Global Corporate Tax and Withholding Tax Rates

Rates (including historic corporate rates) for more than 150 countries


Global Indirect Tax News

Coverage of VAT, GST, sales tax and customs and trade issues


Global Tax Developments Quarterly

Developments that may have implications on accounting for income taxes under US GAAP


Survey of Global Investment and Innovation Incentives

Global investment and innovation incentives in 41 jurisdictions


Tax Treaty Round Up

Update on recent tax treaty developments


Taxation and Investment Country Highlights

Overview of taxation and investment regimes for 137 locations


VAT Refund Guide

Rules and procedures for reclaiming VAT in 31 European countries


World Tax Advisor

Perspectives on cross-border tax developments affecting multinationals