New reporting requirements for businesses registered for Excise Tax in the UAE

Is your business compliant?

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has released new reporting requirements for Excise Tax in its updated Excise Tax User Guide and Excise Tax Returns User Guide. The current period Excise Tax return, due on 15 September 2019, should be complied based on the new reporting requirements and declarations.       

Businesses which import, manufacture, distribute, or stockpile the following Excise goods should already be registered for Excise Tax and should be giving consideration to the new compliance requirements:

  • Carbonated Beverages;
  • Energy Drinks; and
  • Tobacco and Tobacco Products.

The Excise Tax compliance process has significantly changed, for example there are a number of additional declarations added to the previous requirements. The new procedures include separate reporting of goods released from Excise Tax designated zone, movements of goods into, within and between designated zones, as well as local purchases and transfer of ownership within a designated zone. 

It is crucial that businesses registered for Excise Tax understand the new compliance obligations. Procedures should be assessed, and where necessary re-designed to support the accuracy of the required declarations and subsequent Excise Tax filings.

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