Guide to the UAE entry and visa regulations

Middle East Immigration practice

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) visa and entry regulations have changed multiple times in 2020 due to the government authorities responding to limit the spread of COVID-19. Factors that have been or may need to be considered in each case include the current visa status of the individual, if holding a UAE residence visa then which emirate issued said visa, their current location, what type of visa they may need, their nationality, when flights re-opened between the UAE and their current location (if not in the UAE), whether or not their visa was automatically extended, which emirate they are based in, which emirate they need to travel to, whether they have family in the UAE, the nature of the employment and their health condition. These factors affect validity of existing visas, movement into, out of and within the UAE and ability to apply for a new visa.

It is unknown as to when regulations might be streamlined to consolidate these various factors. For now, with such complexity, each case must be assessed individually based on the relevant circumstances and the most up-to-date regulations at the time, bearing in mind that the regulations are themselves evolving. 

We have prepared a UAE guide to help you navigate through these changes
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