KSA head of Customs Authority inaugurated the Risk Management and Targeting Center

His Excellency, the Governor of the General Customs Authority, Ahmed Bin Abdelaziz AlHakbani, inaugurated the Risk Management and Targeting Center which aims to enhance the effectiveness of risk management in customs and to develop a mechanism of targeting risks and threats through customs ports.   

He stated that the establishment of this center comes within the framework of Saudi Customs' pursuit of its strategic objectives by shifting risk management from intensive targeting to smart targeting. This will therefore be possible by analyzing the shipments’ data and information. 

His Excellency pointed out that the purpose of this project is to overcome the obstacles that customs faced and to find scientific solutions that would contribute to the speed and flexibility of the flow of imports. It will also reduce the number of smuggling operations of all types, increasing importers and exporters compliance, as well as raising the level of security at all customs outlets and the efficiency of operation of customs ports. 

In addition, this center will provide solutions to achieve the desired results of its establishment. The most important of these is the re-evaluation of all targeting criteria, in addition to achieving quality in the performance of risk management, selecting appropriate and effective methods in the targeting process, and classification of targeting criteria according to severity.

This is further evidence that tax authorities in the Kingdom are taking an increasingly proactive stance in relation to ensuring compliance with the various taxes applicable, and should be taken as a reminder to all taxpayers that they should be equally proactive in reviewing their ability to comply, as well as testing the levels of compliance that they are achieving in practice. 

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