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VAT in the GCC online trainings

Understanding VAT implementation in the Gulf

E-learning on the basis of the VAT laws in the six Gulf countries

This e-learning provides valuable insight into the VAT treaty which constitutes the basis of VAT laws in the six GCC countries. It covers the basis provisions of the Treaty and shows how transactions between the GCC countries are treated.

By following the e-learning training, stakeholders in all levels of the organization gain useful information regarding value added tax (VAT) in a time efficient manner. The online VAT in the GCC training is followed by a short VAT quiz to test your knowledge.

The e-learnings are available on the following link.

Please use the following login details to access the trainings:

Username:        VATME2018
Password:         VATME2018

Bilingual online introductory guide about Value Added Tax (VAT) in the GCC

This is a free of charge bilingual online introductory guide about VAT to help businesses in the Gulf. The VAT guide in the GCC, discusses amongst other areas, the drivers for implementing VAT in the Middle East, the key VAT principles and the issues businesses in the Gulf will face in preparation for VAT introduction. This guide will help non-tax experts in the GCC understand VAT.

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