Succession Planning


Succession Planning

Deloitte Private

Family Business succession can take weeks or years to plan, depending on the people and the circumstances of the case in question. By opening up the right communication process, ensuring that people are being honest with each other, succession need not present the challenges and difficulties that it so often does within family businesses. 

We believe that with the appropriate planning, communication, and inter-generational team work, succession planning presents a tremendous opportunity for a family business to become stronger as it passes from one generation to the next. We work in close collaboration with you and facilitate discussions between key family members in order to create a succession plan which will enable a smooth transition. 

Succession planning needs to be carefully tailored to every situation - whilst the principles are similar, personalities and circumstances vary greatly.


Our work with you on Family Business Succession

We work in partnership with you to strengthen your family business as it passes from one generation to the next by:

  • Taking steps to understand the needs of the family and the business
  • Facilitating communication so that people speak honestly with each other about their aspirations and goals within the succession planning process
  • Working with you to consider possible short term ‘emergency succession requirements’ and a longer term plan
  • Creating a clearly articulated long-term succession plan tailored to the personalities and circumstances of your family and business