Are you a data-driven organization?


Are you a data-driven organization?

An information management point of view

Information management is an essential component to achieve the digital maturity objective of an organization and before organizations embark on a big data and analytics journey, a data foundation framework needs to be in place to handle the future data growth.

The world is changing at a rapid pace as organizations are digitizing faster and moving online and mobile to conduct business.

So the trend is loud and clear - consumers are moving online and shopping from the comfort of their homes, while organizations are digitizing their assets rapidly to gain competitive advantage. The global digitization trends have dramatically increased the power of the data, and necessary steps have to be taken to manage this phenomenon. Organizations that capture data and make sense of it will be coming ahead in the coming years.

This report highlights how enabling data governance, data quality and information/data architecture in organizations helps them stand greater chance of success in today’s competitive global economy.

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