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Deloitte CXO Program

As part of DTTL’s growth strategy launched under Global Services, the Global CXO Program positions Deloitte to be the preeminent advisor to the CFO. Recognizing that the CFO's role has evolved rapidly over the last few years, the Program focuses on building relationships and eminence and has successfully captured the attention of the CXO community through surveys, forums and executive development programs.

The Program has also produced a rich library of intellectual property, newsletters and podcasts used to deliver key insights to CFOs in many different countries.

Deloitte’s CXO Program harnesses the breadth of our capabilities to deliver forward thinking perspectives and fresh insights to help CFOs manage the complexities of their role, drive more value in their organization, and adapt to the changing strategic shifts in the market.

In Romania, the CXO Program focuses on the following initiatives:

  • CFO Forum/ CFO Survey
  • Next Generation Program
  • SheFO Survey/ SheXO Club

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