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The Deloitte Foundation

The Deloitte Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that runs a number of projects in three key areas:

"As a leading professional services organization, Deloitte has much to contribute to the economic and social structures. As such, through our foundation, we want to promote human dignity, learning and culture, and advocate the sustainable use of natural resources and environment." (Ahmed Hassan, Country Managing Partner, Deloitte Romania and Moldova)

Fundraising and Events

Fundraising activities are focused on the firm's strategic charities. Over the past years we have participated in various charitable events and provided financial support through employees donations and matched funding to humanitarian causes.

As a leading professional services firm, we have an important responsibility to act with integrity and care for the planet. Deloitte has made a commitment to promoting environmental sustainability across all our spheres of influence.

Community Investment
We believe that we can deliver greater impact to society, and for the clients we support, by using our core skills and expertise. In addition to empowering charitable organisations with grants, Deloitte is committed to helping them form relationships with our people. Our Pro Bono programme gives many at Deloitte the opportunity to support projects that they feel passionate about.

Education is a key investment in the future; it contributes to social cohesion, economic growth, and individual fulfillment. The Deloitte Foundation supports through donations the organisations whose purpose is educating and encouraging others.

The Foundation's mission: To enable Deloitte people to run social projects in order to support less fortunate segments of our society.

Please note that The Deloitte Foundation does not accept unsolicited requests for funding.

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