events consultations


Events Consultations

We provide clients with professional advice and assurance on their controls and accounting systems all year round. We understand our clients' operations, their industry and the issues they face, and this enables us to provide them with relevant advice.

The combination of our specialist skills, industry expertise and ongoing investment allows us to anticipate complex business problems for our clients and recommend preventative action.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Optimization of merger transaction - analysis of plans, selection of appropriate structure

Technical advisory on restructuring - selection appropriate method, addressing accounting system issues, closing the books, stock take requirements, etc.

IPO readiness

We are assisting our clients in respect of the following IPO deliverables:

  • Special purpose financial statements production, GAAP transition, Carve-outs
  • Financial reporting procedures readiness assessment
  • Timeliness of reporting to meet the reporting rules
  • Drafting of financial narrative to be included in the prospectus
  • Identification of key performance indicators and generation of data