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2017 Graduate Recruitment Opportunities

If you are still a student in your last year of study (either studying for bachelor or master degree), you can already apply and follow all selection steps, with the aim of joining out Tax or Audit departments after graduation.

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Graduate Program

We offer two distinct entry routes for graduates, each focused on one of our main services provided to our clients: 

Audit – estimated starting time September 2017

Our Audit approach is to understand a client's business, the risks it faces, and its internal controls. Based on our understanding we assess the risk of material misstatement of the financial statements so that we design effective audit procedures for our client from multiple industries. As an Auditor professional, you will bring a comprehensive methodology that leverages the firm's extensive professional and technical resources to your clients' financial reporting process, helping them meet the growing demand for enhanced disclosure and accountability.

    Working in Audit is certainly a continuous. It takes time and perseverance to understand what Audit is about and to get to love it. My recommendation is to embrace the challenges and to be ambitious and perseverant because this job is very rewarding from every point of view. There are few jobs that allow you to learn so much in a short period of time. Marius Moldovan, Audit Manager

Tax - estimated starting time September 2017

We provide a complete array of tax services to companies of all sizes and across all business sectors within the regional and local market, including: Corporate & International Tax, Indirect Tax, Transfer Pricing, Global Employer Services (individual and expatriate taxation). From your early years as a tax consultant and throughout your career at Deloitte, you will have many opportunities that will take you on a journey across geographical borders, into different areas of specialization and industry.

    When I first set my foot in Deloitte, I was fresh out of University and quite undecided regarding how I wanted to start build my career. When my interviewers asked me which department appealed to me the most I just went with “wherever you think my creativity, perceptiveness and business-oriented mind would fit best”. So now, I’m part of Deloitte’s Corporate and International Taxation department. Honestly, should I be in the same spot now, facing that same question, after almost 2 years in Deloitte, I’d politely scream “taxes”!

    You may ask yourself why would you give this a shot. I say because the tax guys of Deloitte have enabled, empowered and given me the possibility to grow, both career-wise and personally. They got me started with small tasks, such as research and translations, which built my confidence in myself, but also theirs in me. Now I’m attending client meetings, going on business trips, interacting with the tax authorities, helping clients understand their tax position or helping more junior staff get around. Also, some of these tax guys became my friends and mentors, always giving me a valuable piece of advice or helping me achieve the highest of my goals. Miruna Constantin – Tax Consultant


What is in it for you?

  • a permanent job that’s all about progression;
  • monthly salary and benefits (medical, wellness, meal tickets, performance bonus);
  • access to specific technical training you’ll get depending on the of role you choose;
  • professional qualification;
  • access to a wide range of projects and industries.


Who we’re looking for? 

Though each of our programs has a different focus, there are certain qualities, values and motivations we look for in all our graduates. These include:

  • a clear and demonstrable interest in business
  • a sharp, inquisitive mind
  • willingness to roll up your sleeves and get involved
  • oriented on problem solving skills, initiative and business awareness; 
  • strong verbal and written communication skills (Romanian and English)
  • ability to work both independently and as part of a team with professionals at all levels

Timeline selection process

The applications will include the following steps:

1. We will begin with the initial selection of applications taking into consideration also the answers received for the prescreening questions provided by the candidates in their applications. 

2. Then we will invite the selected candidates to participate in our Assessment Centers and to take online or pen-and-paper based tests. 

3. After passing all these steps, the candidates will be invited for one or two interviews or further interviews at our office.

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