Deloitte Student Academy

You are eager to learn. To put your knowledge at work and gain a practical view of your economic understanding. To connect with real people doing real business. You are ready to explore your future career path and get one step closer to embarking on it.

Join Deloitte Student Academy to experience key aspects of our exciting profession and develop a valuable mix of business and communication skills!

Starting from December until April, top students will take part in a series of highly interactive workshops, facilitated by our senior audit, tax, financial services and forensic professionals at the Deloitte office. In addition, through the shadowing days included in the program the participants will assist our colleagues on their day-to-day projects and get a taste of our actual working environment.

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FAQs about Deloitte Student Academy

1. Is this an application for a job at Deloitte?

No, we designed the Deloitte Student Academy as an educational program, with the main purpose to provide a high quality, real-world experience to a selected group of top students. We wish many of them would like to become members of our team; however, there is no such condition in order to take part in the program. 

2. By participating in the program, am I increasing my chances to join Deloitte?

Yes, we expect the most active and motivated participants to become short-listed candidates for our junior career opportunities. That means, they will skip the first steps of the regular selection process and will be invited directly to the final interview.

3. How is the program structured?

As an overview, there will be bimonthly, 3h modules, from December to April. We will agree with the participants an exact schedule, based on their preferences, exam session, vacation etc.

4. How is the selection process organized?

In the first stage, we will select the participants based on their applications submitted in our system. We warmly recommend you to pay attention to both the content and the look of your resume, which is your first “business card”. We do not request a formal cover letter; however, we will carefully review your answers to the pre-screening questions. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to answer these questions diligently. In the second stage, we will organize one short interview with the pre-selected applicants.

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