How to apply

Our application and selection process is a joint effort between you and us – we will give you all the information we can possibly provide to enable you to make an informed choice and we expect you to do the same.

Our online search tool makes it easy to search for vacancies within whichever part of Deloitte is most appealing – there’s an overview of each role, its location and the position it holds within the firm.

Please follow this guide on how to apply online.

  1. To apply to the selected job, click on “Apply Online”.
  2. You will have to login to access your profile with us. If you do not have a profile, click on “New User” to create one. If you already have a profile, type in your username & password to login.
  3. Follow the steps in the application and provide us with your current contact info and load your current resume.
  4. If you have any questions about the application process, please check the Frequently Asked Questions link for answers to Careers questions and Technical questions.

The application process takes approximately 10 minutes. Applying online ensures that your application will get straight under the nose of the specific recruitment responsible dealing with that vacancy. Moreover, once your application has been registered, we will keep it in our database and we will check it every time there are new job opportunities which suits your candidate profile.

Click here to find about our current job opportunities in Romania.

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All open positions available within Deloitte, across the globe, are posted on our global Careers Website.

To search for available positions on the Careers Website and submit your profile online:

1.Select “Job Search” on the top navigation.
2.Select the country where you’d like to find a job.
3.Enter your search criteria, or leave it at the default settings to see all of the jobs available.
4.Click “Search Jobs”. Please do not submit your CV directly through the “Contact us" option. This will only delay your CV being routed to the appropriate recruiting professional. 

1. Where can I learn about open opportunities with Deloitte? 

Each Deloitte member firm decides on the information requested on their application forms. If attachments are accepted, the following rules apply:

  • Attached files must not exceed 500 kilobytes each 
  • A maximum of five files can be attached, one at a time 
  • Standard file formats such as .docx, .xls, .pdf among others can be attached. The search tool that recruiters use to search for candidates will not be able to analyze the content of some attached files, mostly image files and compressed files (.zip).

2. Can I attach files to my application? 

Due to record-keeping requirements it may not be possible to delete attached files. If it is possible, you will need to log in and click Delete next to the file you wish to remove.

You may overwrite a previously attached file by attaching a new file with the same name. 

3. How can attachments be deleted? 

Due to high candidate volumes, it is not always possible to update every candidate. To increase your chances of being contacted, please ensure your application is complete by selecting Submit on the final summary page.

You can access your candidate profile by reapplying to the position on the Careers Website using your user name and password. This will allow you to update/complete your application without creating a duplicate application. 

4. What is the status of my application? 

You can access your application or general profile through links in the acknowledgement correspondence sent after you originally applied.

If you no longer have the acknowledgement email you can re-apply to the job if it is still posted. As long as you use the same user name and password you applied with, your application will be updated. 

5. How do I access my profile/my application? 

  1. Locate the position you wish to apply to or click here to access your general profile. 
  2. Click Apply to be taken to the login page. 
  3. Click on Forgot your user name? 
  4. Enter the email address used when you registered. 
  5. Click Validate. Your user name will be displayed. 
  6. You can now go back to the login page and log in. If you do not remember your password, click on Forgot your password? 
  7. Your user name and email address will display. 
  8. Click on OK. An email will be sent containing instructions on how to log in and reset your password.

6. How do I find my user name? 

  1. Locate the position you wish to apply to or click here to access your general profile. 
  2. Click Apply to be taken to the login page. 
  3. Click on Forgot your password? 
  4. Enter the user name and email address used when you registered. 
  5. Click OK. If you do not remember your user name, click Cancel to return to the previous page and select Forgot your user name? 
  6. An email will be sent containing instructions on how to log in and reset your password.

7. How do I find my password? 

Opportunities will remain posted until filled or until the respective recruiter has determined that the pool of candidates from which to choose is of sufficient size. You will not be able to determine your candidacy status from the Careers Website. We will compare your skills and experience with requirements, and will contact you if more information is needed. 

8. Why is a position still posted? 

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