Junior Audit Analyst Career Opportunities in our Regional Audit Delivery Center

Find out more about how to audit your future career

What’s your understanding of auditing?

Let’s begin by saying that it is the process of evaluation or analysis of something to determine its accuracy or safety. And we can bet that this is what you are looking for: an exciting career where you can grow, aren’t you?

And we are looking for you.

So let’s join forces in understanding audit and use it wisely. We offer you the opportunity of learning what International Audit Services are all about, but also how to audit your career, while enabling you to explore your true potential and sharpen your skills.
You can become an audit subject matter expert on our clients’ business and play the central role in your future career

10 easy tricks to mark in auditing your future job:

RADC team

  1. Make sure you join a friendly and flexible environment.
  2. Be part of a dynamic and fun community.
  3. Go through busy season with great support from your team.

Learning oportunities

  1. Get the chance of speaking 3 different languages in one day.
  2. Get an international ACCA certification and access the best learning resources.
  3. Grow personally and professionally through valuable trainings.

Your wellbeing

  1. Continue your studies with a student-friendly schedule.
  2. Make sure you also have fun while working.
  3. There is no inherent risk of getting bored in an inclusive and diverse team.

  1. Last, but not least: Make sure it’s a job about accruals. Not a cruel job.

Job Description

Now that we master the 10 essential steps in auditing your future job, let’s find more about it.

As a JUNIOR AUDIT ANALYST you will be working as part of an international team, handling distinct activities that are part of the end-to-end audit process. You will join a friendly community and benefit of all the support needed from experienced and highly skilled team mates. Your role will be comprised of reliable deliverables in support of our engagement teams across Europe, while also learning how to apply best practices.

Apply now for one of the many exciting opportunities to work in an International organization in our Audit Delivery Centre in Bucharest, practicing and improving one of the following language skills:

What you will benefit from
in Deloitte Regional Audit Delivery Center:

Friendly & multi-cultural environment with welcoming team members

RADC offers a fun, sociable, family-like work environment. Our newly built friendly offices are technologically enabled, well located and give you the chance to work with different countries, clients and industries. You will develop relationships built on trust and empowerment.

Excellent Learning Opportunities

A tailored international learning curriculum and competency framework designed specifically for our RADCs. Our average length of service is 3 years, during which time you will: focus on building audit skills on range of audit delivery activities, learn foreign languages or obtain ACCA Qualifications (fully funded by us) among others.

A Great Foundation for your Career

Bring your learning and experiences to life and build your technical and soft skills for a bright and professional future. Grow with us! Your role will develop over time, so you can increase your experience and responsibilities, enabling you to advance faster and further in your future career.

Adaptable Schedule for You

You will benefit not only from extra leave days for study but also from a flexible work arrangement, so that you could attend your faculty classes and pursue your hobbies.

An International Environment

Where you can practice and learn new language skills with a diverse mix of colleagues and clients.

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