talent feels at home at deloitte

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Talent feels at home@Deloitte!

At Deloitte we believe that progress and future are shaped by young talent. Our promise is to spot it, train it, motivate it and bring it to its full potential, with the perfect mix of challenging projects, solid training and the suitable atmosphere.

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You have the #PASSION, we have the knowledge!

Both talent and practical experience have one solid foundation: knowledge. 

We offer our juniors a complex curricula for career development, with trainings and programs ranging from developing technical abilities to soft skills and business acumen, for different levels of expertise and working areas

You have the #SPARK, we have the playground!

At Deloitte we understand that inspiration is talent’s best incentive. This is why we seek to put innovation and forward thinking into our regular working process. 

We always take the challenge of developing new products through innovative processes, involving top specialists in various industries, trying new methods and exploring interesting market trends is part of the job.

You have the #AGILITY, we have the challenges!

Young talent has little experience but it has the energy. We strongly believe in the enthusiasm of learning by doing. 

The best way to explore and improve one’s aptitudes is through exposure to a variety of challenging, real projects for local and international market. We are striving to bring promising juniors to their maximum potential, by gradually turning talent into valuable expertise.

You have the #SPIRIT, we have the team!

A great place to work is defined by its people and culture, which is precisely why our employees enjoy being at Deloitte. 

We value honest communication and genuine team spirit. We take good care of our juniors, offering quality feedback, dedicated counseling and also, the possibility of teaming with colleagues with different professional background.

Talent feels at home@Deloitte

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