Within the Deloitte Forensic team, our specialists have vast experience in preventing and combating money laundering and terrorism financing, clients’ knowledge-gaining processes, as well as applying international sanctions, an experience gained within law enforcement authorities in the field and through participating in numerous such projects.

In the context of new legislation which transposes the 4th European Directive, our specialists are ready to offer you all the necessary support so that your company - be it a financial institution or not - can make sure that it is compliant with the new legal provisions.

The services provided in this area are:

  • Evaluation of the compliance program in combating money laundering and terrorism financing field;
  • Evaluation of risk, both at the company and client portfolio levels;
  • Combating money laundering and terrorism financing audit;
  • Evaluation of policies and procedures in the field of combating money laundering and terrorism financing and the know your customer (KYC) process;
  • Development of internal policies and procedures;
  • Evaluation of the risk associated with international sanctions regime;
  • Transaction analysis services;
  • Evaluation of risk indicators implemented with the scope of detecting suspicious/unusual transactions or activities;
  • Simulation of supervision and control activities conducted by the supervision authorities;
  • Offering support in correcting deficiencies ascertained as a result of checks conducted by the authorities;
  • Periodical and recurring compliance assurance services, upon request (i.e. identifying real beneficiaries for new or existing clients);
  • Ongoing Anti Money Laundering compliance consultation, on an ad-hoc basis and depending on needs, in the form of a monthly subscription;
  • Delivering specialized trainings;
  • Offering specialized monitoring solutions to clients and organizations, automation of the monitoring process and of the existent specialized IT solutions.


Burcin Atakan

Burcin Atakan

Partner Financial Advisory

Burcin began his career in 1996 and has 22 years of experience in the forensic field. He previously worked in the financial sector in Turkey and delivered forensic advisory services under another Big ... More

Ioana Ungureanu

Ioana Ungureanu

Manager, Financial Advisory

Ioana has a vast experience in combating money laundering and terrorism financing, compliance, “know-your-customer” processes, internal checks and financial investigations. This is reflected in both h... More