SRB and EBA publications on valuation


SRB and EBA publications on valuation

Single Resolution Board (SRB) has published its Framework for Valuation alongside a set of questions & answers. In developing the framework, the SRB worked closely with the EBA, which recently published its Draft Handbook on Valuation for Purposes of Resolution.

The SRB Framework seeks to provide clarification for independent evaluators (and the general public) on the SRB’s expectations regarding the principles and methodologies for valuation reports for both Valuation 2 (resolution valuation) and Valuation 3 (insolvency valuation).
The EBA Handbook seeks to provide resolution authorities with an overview of selected aspects of the valuation methodologies that could be used when conducting a valuation, with a particular focus on Valuation 2.

This article provides an overview on expectations for banks with respect to their valuation management information systems (MIS).

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