Business transformation in cloud


Business transformation in cloud

The pace of change in business environment forces accelerated innovation, reduced product/service launch time and continuous analysis of client behaviour performed in real time. On the present market maturity level, the access to advanced cloud-based solutions has been greatly expanded to organizations of all sizes.

Further, cloud may be the answer to business challenges like demand for remote work environment, all the way through business continuity and disaster recovery needs. The current complexity level of business and production processes translates into the increased need for cloud-based solutions.

Using cloud to build digital twins has grown in popularity, as it allows simulating actual changes to reduce risks related to new investments or changes to existing products eliminating additional costs, time or risks related to the construction of prototypes, damaging costly specialist equipment or stopping the production process. Digital twins operate in the cloud and allow duplicating the actual conditions and checking effects of planned changes in a cheaper and more effective manner than when using traditional infrastructure. The simulation and models of digital twins are used for example in the renewable energy segment, when making investment decisions related to wind farms, or to simulate complex production installations in order to early detect potential breakdowns, optimise service windows and downtime schedules.

How to transfer the business or selected processes to the cloud and how to solve issues that prevent organisations from doing so?

At Deloitte, we can translate your business needs into cloud specifics, build an appropriate solution and implement it and play the role of partners and mediators in the process. We will advise you on how to tackle future challenges and solve the existing ones by leveraging the expertise that our teams gained during past business transformation projects.

Why Deloitte?

  • We effectively combine the perspective of your business with that of the application and cloud suppliers, thus building end-to-end solutions.
  • We understand the language of your industry and that of the cloud; we will accelerate cloud transformation helping you tackle challenges based on lessons learned and industry best practices.
  • We can advise and implement cloud-based solutions in line with your internal requirements, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Owing to broad competences gathered within the team, we can build optimised business solutions that require combining technical, regulatory and financial experience
  • As partners of key cloud suppliers, we can evaluate solutions offered on the market from an implementation point of view, but also from the interfaces that they need to support.
  • We can understand business needs and certain technical limitations that exist in your company and select a solution best suited to your business specifics.
  • We will accelerate your journey to the cloud applying a tailored scale of the solution.
  • We will work hand in hand with your team.

Strategy and architecture

Together we will determine the current stage of your journey to the cloud, prepare a clear strategy of further development in the cloud and technologically prepare your business to achieve the defined goals. Our cooperation will include the following steps:

  • Readiness evaluation by defining the current stage of your journey to the cloud. We will find the areas in need of improvement and suggest the use of technology to ensure the desired business effects.
  • Developing a business case or optimising the use of cloud by determining the financial effects of cloud transformation, including possible savings regarding infrastructure, licences or real property lease, as well as gains and opportunities in the form of optimised business model, reducing the go-to-market time or innovation capabilities. When a business case is ready, we will identify ways to optimise costs of using the cloud, which will contribute to a growth in ROI.
  • Operational model transformation by equipping your teams responsible for development of specific applications with automated processes, including DevOps model. Working together, we will implement the selected cloud operating model, bearing in mind thatiin this process, you can count for support of our team in change management, which will accelerate cloud adoption.


Step by step, together with you we will migrate the IT systems to the cloud. During the migration, we will make sure a quality change occurs and brings new opportunities, as well as competitive advantage.

We know the challenges you face. Using our prior experience, we will lead your team through:

  • Infrastructure migration
  • Application migration
  • Data migration
  • Implementation of the cost management system and optimisation of expenses

Our infrastructure and cloud engineering specialists will work with your team to ensure efficient integration of new solutions with the ongoing operations. For years, we have used infrastructural and network solutions that allow combining, optimising and managing private, public and hybrid cloud-based domains on the most popular platforms, such as Google, Amazon, Oracle, Azure .


We will optimise your resources through adequate combination of processes and technology to allow faster business benefits at optimised cost.

Our experience allows introducing your IT organisation to agile methodologies (SAFE, SCRUM, Lean, XP) or optimising their use:

  • We will help you to build the right processes in IT and business functions based on synergies and cooperation of various project teams;
  • We will introduce the right automation level to your architecture and provide the support in order to use cloud services efficiently and optimised and to satisfy your business needs;
  • We will optimise your production processes within applications to reduce the implementation time and rationalise the use of cloud services.
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