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Cloud Managed Services

Most companies combine cloud infrastructure and applications with their on-premises infrastructure, which involves a series of technology, regulatory , cybersecurity and IT operational related challenges.

Our cloud management service may support your organisation, and we offer an option of outsourcing the management of cloud infrastructure which translates into added value of the cloud-based solutions and improved flexibility of your business

Cost reduction is one of the cloud transformation benefits. In practice, though, ongoing management of cloud related costs remains a challenge, the actual financial benefits of the transformation being hard to measure. With us, you will obtain end-to-end support and more measurable results of the cloud transformation process.

  • Do you want to release your IT resources and let them focus on business development and innovation?
  • Do you need additional management resources following the completion of cloud-based applications?
  • Are you going to move more apps to the cloud and speed up the process?
  • Do you want to optimize cloud-based solutions to achieve financial benefits?
  • Are you going to improve security and cloud compliance with regulations or post-audit requirements?
  • Do you need an automated process of providing cloud-based solutions in order to accelerate the launch of a product or service?
  • Do you want to know the exact cost of a specific functionality, application or project performed in the cloud and find a way to reduce cloud-related expenses?

The Cloud Management Services team of Deloitte has extensive experience of Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services , Oracle Cloud and Microsoft Azure. We provide a comprehensive management of processes and cloud in seven areas:

  • Infrastructure management: we integrate complex cloud-based solutions including hybrid, public cloud, multi-cloud ones and on-premises infrastructure.
  • Security, risk management and compliance with regulations: we will ensure the compliance (in terms of security, privacy, personal data protection) of your cloud environment with legal regulations and guidelines issued by regulatory bodies, as well as with best practices.
  • Architecture Framework: we will determine the cloud maturity of your organisation and benchmark it to your industry, which will enable you to improve your competitiveness.
  • Cloud finance management (FinOps): we implement a process allowing ongoing control and optimisation of costs related to the use of cloud-based solutions. We suggest architecture changes and ensure the updating of resources, owing to which the use of cloud will become cost-efficient and more effective.
  • Reporting: you will gain an ongoing access to financial information and data regarding the use of cloud-based resources in your firm, which may provide the starting point for further decisions improving cost and business efficiency.
  • Network management: we know how to effectively configure network using cloud-based and on-premises solutions and can efficiently manage connections.
  • Service management: our approach is application-based and business-driven. Owing to the optimisation and appropriate system organisation, efficient management and support of the cloud environment, we can accelerate the operation of applications and improve business performance.
  • DevOps and automation: we will help you accelerate the processes of migrating the existing apps to cloud and designing new ones, building developer infrastructure in the form of coding and CI/CD distribution management.

Why Deloitte?

Comprehensive support of your cloud

You will receive a comprehensive package of solutions as part of one service, with a single contact point, which will allow satisfying all your needs related to cloud and application management.

Quick wins

Owing to the combination of all cloud management aspects, we speed up the transformation, thus allowing improved efficiency of innovation, cost control and faster implementation of new solutions. The outcome? Competitive advantage for your business.

Improved security

Ensuring cybersecurity and regulatory compliance is a key component of our capabilities. A high automation level improves security of the cloud-based system operation.

Experienced team tailored to your needs

We will satisfy your needs regarding missing IT qualifications according to your business needs. We have an experienced team of cloud specialist who will provide flexible and prompt short- or long-term support.

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Andrei Ionescu

Partener Coordonator Consultanță

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Emil Constantinescu

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