The digitalization marathon: SAF-T implementation in Romania


The digitalization marathon: SAF-T implementation in Romania

Romania is moving quickly to digitalized tax and accounting reporting through the implementation of SAF-T (Standard Audit File for Tax).

The plan consists in launching voluntary testing reporting from the second part of August 2021 for interested taxpayers, in order for them to become familiar with the new reporting system.

Starting with 1st of January, 2022, large taxpayers will have the obligation to submit SAF-T reports, while other categories of taxpayers will be enrolled in the system later on in 2022, respectively 2023.

The submission of the XML file is similar to submission of the tax statements and, according to the recent tax authorities news, the XML will be attached to the D406 statement.

Deloitte team, formed by the best tax, accounting and IT specialists, developed a reporting solution which satisfies all the requests of the tax authorities. Thus, we can help you in the pre-implementation phase (by reviewing the necessary data for SAF-T reporting and performing the transactions mapping from a VAT perspective and for all the codes requested by ANAF), as well as in the implementation phase by providing a SAF-T technical reporting solution.

We are prepared to run this marathon with you, using Deloitte’s team and technical solutions to step into the new era of digitalizing the relationship with tax authorities.

The digitalization marathon: SAF-T implementation in Romania
SAF-T solutions

Deloitte’s SAF-T reporting solution

Deloitte developed a SAF-T reporting solution that offers a high degree of flexibility, robustness and user friendliness. The solution is built on the OECD SAF-T standard and is rolled out to all relevant countries that are using this SAF-T standard as a basis for their electronic reporting.