Atragerea unei forțe de muncă diverse generează performanța afacerii


Inclusive mobility

How mobilizing a diverse workforce can drive business performance

Global changes and challenges require new approaches to business and talent

Complexity, competition, and change in the global business and talent landscape are creating new challenges for businesses and their leaders. Now more than ever, organizations need diverse global talent who can flex and move to address these challenges at home and abroad.

In this report, we propose that aligning diversity & inclusion and global mobility offers an opportunity to mobilize diverse talent to help drive individual and organizational performance on a global scale.

Key findings of the report:

  • A clear business case for "inclusive mobility". Diversity & inclusion today is no longer about just “checking the box” or “doing good.” It’s about driving strong business performance and results, and mounting evidence confirms that diverse and inclusive organizations outperform the competition. 
  • The costs of limited participation in global mobility. Statistics tell a story of obstacles to participation in international opportunities by “non-traditional” profiles. Recognizing these obstacles is important, as limited participation in global mobility can: close the doors to leadership roles and narrow the leader pipeline; negatively impact the talent brand and ability to attract and retain diverse employees; signal to local offices, customers, and communities that the organization is not fully committed to diversity; and impede getting the best and the brightest talent to key markets to address challenges and stimulate innovation.
  • Inclusion across the global mobility life cycle. Using three mobile employee personas, we consider representative individual experiences to understand obstacles and opportunities for inclusive mobility across the global mobility life cycle. Solutions include: inclusive culture, leadership, accountability, bias mitigation, HR/global mobility knowledge of local diversity & inclusion landscapes, flexible programs and policy provisions, and role modeling and mentoring.
  • Getting it right—Getting started. In addition to making international opportunities more accessible to diverse individuals, aligning diversity & inclusion and global mobility can help organizations position themselves to realize an array of business and talent benefits, including: reach new and diverse talent, deploy capabilities to address priorities faster and better, mirror changing talent and customer demographics, build a pipeline of diverse globally minded leaders, advance diversity & inclusion strategic impact, and increase ROI in global mobility.
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