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Cybersecurity in the cloud

Owing to innovative cloud-based solutions companies can effectively compete in the world of data-driven decisions based on in-depth analyses. Well-performed and secure transition to the cloud, though, requires thorough understanding of benefits to be provided by cloud technologies accompanied with the use of best security practices.

Key cybersecurity challenges related to the adoption of cloud

  • Data access control: monitoring who and how has gained access to data stored in the corporate network and owned by third parties; determining the right access levels.
  • Cloud sharing: the public cloud contains the infrastructure of various clients, which increases the risk of malicious software-based attacks.
  • Access control and shadow IT: determining cloud access levels, including the relation between the use of private devices during remote work and uncontrolled access to cloud services from any place or device.
  • Regulatory compliance: firms are fully liable for security of personal data and their IT systems, despite of using solutions offered by third parties. This may result in a number of regulatory compliance challenges.
  • Incorrect system configuration: often default administrator passwords remain in use, or security mechanisms that ensure the confidentiality of data are missing.

Support offered by Deloitte teams:

  • Comprehensive support of your cloud
  • Quick wins
  • Improved security
  • Experienced team tailored to your needs
  • Additional tools available on our market

Top quality expertise and market knowledge

Combining state-of-the-art technologies offered by market leaders with in-depth knowledge and experience of Deloitte professionals will allow selecting the best solutions tailored to your needs. As confirmed by Gartner Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud for 2022, Deloitte is a renowned leader as far as public cloud use is concerned.

Improved security of access and identification data management

We offer improved security of managing access to your corporate resources, including:
  • Better identity and data protection;
  • Secure access to corporate resources for your employees around the world, regardless of devices they use;
  • Analysis of network behavior that may provide information of crucial importance for your company security;
  • Care for efficient management of individual and group users and security of access to own and cloud-based applications.
Effective elimination of threats

We can help identify any security breach or threat using advanced analytical tools. We will help build a set of practices ensuring threat prevention and automation of responses to threats occurring in the cloud environment.

Improved data protection

We can help manage applications and data to ensure their protection. We can help ensure security of information and regulatory compliance, as well as control of mobile devices, apps and PC in your corporate environment.

Review of the security system

We can help improve the resistance and effectiveness of security measures, protecting against threats that arise from inappropriate configuration, improper use of the authentication system or sensitive data loss. Further, we will ensure high security of activities performed in the cloud owing to integrated reporting and improved effectiveness of controls.

Regulatory compliance and control in the form of audit

We can help ensure compliance with GDPR policy when using the cloud, considering geography and nationality factors. Additionally, we offer ongoing control of the cloud environment in the form of a security audit performed in line with CIS or Deloitte CSF methodology.

We will ensure your business remains safe in the digital world in line with Zero Trust framework.

For more details about our Zero Trust approach, please visit our dedicated webpage.

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Andrei Ionescu

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Emil Constantinescu

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Sergiu Zaharia


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