IT strategy


IT Strategy

Working largely at the executive level, we provide insight, independent observation, risk mitigation, business analysis and organizational change management to guide IT Strategy in the interest of your business. We assist the CIO in positioning IT as an enabler for business strategy by establishing an IT vision and roadmap, and by defining the principles of the operating model that will most efficiently support them.

Together with the company, we review the organisation’s strategy, external factors such as the regulatory environment and the technologies that work in the market. We then define long-term IT capabilities, identify the most appropriate technology trends to adopt, and specify the structural changes that we organise in a well-structured plan by taking into account capacity, innovation, alternative delivery models, etc.

Alignment of the business strategic vision with required ICT capabilities:

  • Analysis of the current state of ICT and expectations from ICT in a best practice context;
  • Design of ICT direction and to-be state to increase the ICT value;
  • Preparation of a feasible action plan of the designed IT strategy’s implementation.

Key benefits of IT strategy assignments for customers:

  • Alignment of IT strategy with business strategy and needs;
  • Using opportunities enabled by existing ICT trends;
  • Setting up principles of continuous review and IT strategy update