Business Due Diligence

Our approach

Complementing the financial and transaction due diligence, conducting commercial due diligence, assessing deal benefits and planning for operations integration and streamlining are all part of the transaction readiness as well as diligence and execution phases.

Commercial Due Diligence

Provide insights into a target’s products, markets, competitors and customer base relative their industry to assess the achievability of financial projections post-acquisition and assess medium/long-term potential. 

Operational Due Diligence

Assess target’s operational risk and identify opportunities for post-deal operational improvements, cost reductions and synergy realization by benchmarking KPIs with industry standards and analyzing work streams falling outside of norm.

Human Resources & Employee Benefits Due Diligence

Assess the structural, talent and cultural risks associated with the acquisition of a target and its employees.

Information Technology Due Diligence

Identify the key technology risks and value enhancement opportunities facing a target and asses the financial, operational and technical implications of those risks for the transaction.

Benefit to the customers :

  • establishment of key evaluation criteria and facilitation of target selection
  • Comprehensive strategic and operational due diligence processes complement financial and transactional due diligence and result in solid letters of intent and purchase agreements