Legal Risk Management: An Introduction

Dbriefs Legal Webcast

Reff & Associates SCA is delighted to invite you to participate in a webcast focused on Legal Risk Management, which is the first in a series of presentations focused on legal risk management.

Date: 17 December, 12:00 noon – 1:00 PM CET (GMT +1)
Host: Jurgen Egger
Presenters: Andrei Burz-Pinzaru, Laurent Claassen, Steven Dewulf, and Felix Skala

Legal risk management has always been important in the corporate world with lawyers reviewing policies regularly to ensure the legal risks of the company are being identified and managed. Questions that always arise include the types of risks your company is exposed to, whether your company policy is in line with the latest regulatory developments, and customisation of your compliance methodology to your organisation. What to do when a risk actually materialises, and how to follow-up? Can things go wrong and what happens then? We'll discuss:

  • An introduction to general legal risk management principles, including identifying, analysing, and treating various risks from a legal perspective, such as AML and anti-corruption. 
  • An introduction to compliance methodology, including antitrust compliance programmes and securities compliance programmes. 
  • Topics that will be explored in future sessions, including Legal Risk Management and Market Abuse, Legal Risk Management and AML / anti-corruption, and Legal Risk Management from a competition law perspective.

Listen to an overview of legal risk management and learn what you need to do to ensure the risks incurred by your company are under control.

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