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Miloš Macura
Office Managing Partner for Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Republic of Srpska

Miloš Macura is the Office Managing Partner for Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Republic of Srpska. He joined Deloitte in 1991 after having worked at the Economic Institute. Mr. Macura leads and coordinates the majority of important multifunctional and international projects which require the combination of audit, accounting and consulting skills and knowledge in order to improve the clients' business.

Mr. Macura's experience includes several years of involvement in international engagements in East European countries. He is specialized in the application of IAS/IFRS and US GAAP at entities from the manufacturing, telecommunication and the banking sectors. He is a Certified Public Accountant and a member of AICPA.

Miroslav Tončić
Partner, Audit and Assurance

Miroslav Tončić is the Regional Audit Partner and a leader of the Financial Services Industry. He is an expert on IAS/IFRS reporting and local accounting regulations.

Mr. Tončić is responsible for planning, organizing and carrying out of the audits, communication with the management, quality assurance control of the audits and compliance with International Standards on Auditing, issuance of the auditors’ reports, quality assurance control of the audits within the specified countries and within the region, communication with the central office of Deloitte Central Europe and implementation of the international audit methodolgy as prescribed by the global firm.

In addition, Mr. Tončić has significant experience in implementation of IAS/IFRS in local markets. His experience includes several years of international engagements in Eastern Europe countries – Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Republic of Srpska. He is a member of the expert group of Deloitte Central Europe delivering the services within the financial sector, predominantly to the banks, financial institutions and stock exchange.

He has been the Lead Client Service Partner for the audit of projects sponsored by the World Bank, EBRD and EAR. His major clients include the long list of both manufacturing and banking clients in all the countries where Mr. Toncic is Audit Partner in Charge. In his 21 years long career with Deloitte, he has been either a team leader or an engagement partner for all major companies, banks, finance institutions, etc., both state-owned or private, or local national or multinational companies. He has also led many privatization processes in Serbia, assisting buy-side or sell-side mandates and assisting new foreign owners in understanding the new business environment.

Mr. Tončić is a certified auditor in Serbia and member of the Serbian Certified Auditors Chamber.

Srđan Petrović
Partner in Charge, Tax

Mr. Petrović is the Partner in Charge of Deloitte's tax and legal practices in Serbia, Montenegro, Republic of Srpska and North Macedonia. His responsibilities include running the Tax department, structuring inward investments (location of investing entity, method of financing, type of local entity, profit repatriation), offshore tax planning, tax planning for existing entities in our region, structuring of transactions (i.e. leasing), advising on indirect taxes and customs duties, expatriate tax planning, local compliance work (corporate and personal).

Mr. Petrović is responsible for organizing and developing tax and legal practices in Serbia, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Republic of Srpska, including quality control of provided tax advisory, performed tax audits and tax due diligence projects .

Mr. Petrović has more than 20 years of experience working in the field of tax and legal advisory services, both in the Serbian cluster and abroad. He has coordinated and managed a large number of projects from various industries, including banks and insurance companies.

Žarko Mijović
Partner in Charge, Audit and Assurance, Risk Advisory

Mr. Žarko Mijović, CPA, is the Audit Partner in Charge, responsible for planning, organization and performance of audit, as well as management of audit teams in Serbia, Montenegro, Republic of Srpska and North Macedonia.

He is a US certified public accountant and a member of the Serbian Certified Auditors Chamber, as well as a president of the Council of the aforementioned Chamber.

Mr. Mijović has more than sixteen years of experience in audit provided to financial institutions and companies from various industries (telecommunications, hard industry, wood industry, export – import sector). He has acquired significant experience working on due diligence and audit projects, providing services to international and other key clients in Serbia, Montenegro, Republic of Srpska and Macedonia.

In addition, he has been in charge of large and complex projects including US GAAP, IFRS and statutory audit projects. Mr. Mijović has organized and supervised audits of large national companies in accordance with International Accounting Standards and local regulations in Serbia and Montenegro, Republic of Srpska and North Macedonia.

Nada Suđić
Partner, Management Consulting & Risk Advisory

Nada Suđić is the Risk Advisory Partner responsible for providing advisory services. Ms. Suđić has vast experience in rendering services on practical application of IFRS and regulatory reporting compliance. She has also led projects of review and assistance in implementation of internal control systems, implementation of internal audit and training of clients’ personnel in order to ensure effective implementation of the internal audit/internal controls.

She is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and member of the Serbian Certified Auditors Chamber.

Darko Stanisavić

Partner in Charge, Financial Advisory Services and Consulting Services

Darko Stanisavić is Partner in Charge for Deloitte’s Financial Advisory and Consulting Services in Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Republic of Srpska. Darko is an US educated and trained economics and financial professional with over 15 years of experience both in the United States and Central Europe region. Darko has significant experience providing Corporate Finance, Restructuring, M&A Transaction and Strategic Consulting Services for large number of international and domestic corporate, public and private equity clients.


MA in Financial Economics from California State University Los Angeles

Member of the American Society of Appraisers and holds the ASA (Accredited Senior Appraiser)

Board Member of Turnaround Management Association TMA Serbia


Vladimir Bešlagić

Partner, Financial Advisory Services

Vladimir is a Partner in Deloitte, Financial Advisory Services, based in Belgrade office. He has more then fifteen years of experience in financial advisory services.

Vladimir has been an active team member of Deloitte teams involved in PPP/concession advisory, mergers & acquisitions, privatization and restructuring. Since 2011 he is in charge of Infrastructure and Capital Projects and PPP projects in Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Republic of Srpska.

He started his professional career at Deloitte in 2003 after graduating from the Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade.



Dejan Mraković

Partner, Tax

Dejan has over 10 years of experience in the tax advisory, especially in the area of international and domestic tax planning and transaction structuring as well as in the corporate income tax area. Dejan has significant experience with regard to legal and accounting issues, which enabled him to create a unique link between tax, legal practice and accounting.

Dejan graduated from Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade and acquired LL.M degree in the area of International Taxation from the New York University (NYU). He is a member of International Fiscal Association (IFA) and Serbian Fiscal Society (SFD).


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