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Deloitte in Serbia and the region

Deloitte established its office in Serbia in 1991. At that time, as the leading audit and advisory company, it provided world-class auditing and consulting services, applying international standards. During over 25 years of doing business in Serbia, Deloitte has been committed to building its reputation in the market and expanded its network by opening offices in Skopje (Macedonia) in 1994, in Podgorica (Montenegro) in 1998, and Banja Luka (Republic of Srpska) in 1999.

Today, Deloitte is an outstanding provider of professional services in audit, tax, business and financial consulting, as well as risk management consulting in Serbia and the region, thanks to the excellent local expertise that contributes to the success of its clients in various business environments.

In Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Republic of Srpska Deloitte employees more than 250 experts, led by a team of six partners.

Support to the development of the local economy and increase in its efficiency and competitiveness in the world is just one of the ways in which Deloitte creates conditions for faster economic development of our region.

Our clients in Serbia include many multinational companies, banks, other financial institutions, both state-owned and private enterprises. To respond to clients' growing demands, Deloitte has continuously maintained high quality of its basic services, while staying at the cutting edge of new business technology.

Deloitte in Serbia offers comprehensive and responsible approach to its customers, and has been building a long-term cooperation with them.

We provide a wide range of consulting and audit services tailored to specific needs of our clients, including Chinese companies operating in Serbia and the surrounding region.

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