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Salesforce Lab

At Salesforce Lab you’re working on a business case while learning to use the top technology

On consultants’ path you get friendly with administration and leading of the project. On developers’ path you additionally get know the configuration and programming. Each module has a grand finale when you present your own solution—this presentation can lead you to a permanent job offer.

Join the Deloitte international Salesforce Lab

Learn to implement probably the best CRM* and SaaS platform under the guidance of experts and stay in Deloitte!

Apply for Salesforce Lab!

The number of participants is limited.

Deadline for applications: 1st February 2022.

This course is a internship in IT consultancy.
Active participants with high scores will be offered an opportunity to receive a permanent job.

Salesforce Lab – consultants’ path

Salesforce Lab – developers’ path

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a provider of cloud CRM (customer relationship management) platform. It contains ready-made solutions supporting sales, marketing, and service. It enables adjustment to organization’s needs and creation of new applications.

*according to Gartner CRM Magic Quadrant ranking

Why is it worth taking part?

  • Acquire hands-on experience in IT for business.
  • Gain skills expected on the job market.
  • Implement what you learn instantly: you will build your own solution. How cool is that!
  • Become an Agile methodology ninja.
  • Meet Deloitte consultants and see what their work is about.
  • Last but not least, join experienced, easy going and creative Deloitte Digital team :)

Who can or even should take part?

Those of you who:

  • communicate freely in English (min. B2),
  • would like to make a career shift and enter IT world,
  • like solving problems,
  • want to learn Salesforce and not get bored,
  • are about to finish their studies, or already have done so.

Hear more from our international participants!

Participation in Salesforce Lab allowed me to start my career rapidly and to develop my skills in one of the most sought-after technology on the market. Working with Salesforce offers a great opportunity to broaden business proficiency as well as the technical one. Diverse projects and an abundance of options make my work interesting and every day different.

Katarzyna Karabowicz, Warsaw University of Technology

For me, Salesforce Lab was a chance to lead my career in a specific direction. Not only did I understand how Salesforce work, but I could also develop my skills. Moreover, it was an opportunity to meet wonderful people, with whom I work right now.

Maciej Jaźnicki, Military University of Technology

Salesforce Lab is an excellent way of entering the Salesforce technology. Both developers’ and consultants’ path taught me not only how to operate the platform, but also how do the projects look behind the scenes. The workshops were conducted in an engaging manner by experienced consultants who use the technology every day.

Wojciech Musiatowicz

One of the most memorable things at the Lab was the fact that every person from the team concluded his/her introduction with the words: “Should you have any questions, I will happily answer them”. This willingness to help and friendly ambience passed to the participants. We learned together and a person who got something first, was helping others. Lab was so different than the cliché of corporate rat race as one can imagine, and, most importantly, team spirit is exactly the same. That’s why I recommend Salesforce Lab and our team to all my friends!

Wojciech Kowalczyk

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