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2023 Global Marketing Trends

Resilient Seeds for Growth

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4 marketing trends to boost your business in 2023

CMOs and senior marketing executives are challenged with organizational and economic uncertainty in the coming year. The 2023 Global Marketing Trends is meant to offer inspiration and guidance to help make a meaningful impact with their marketing in 2023. We surveyed 1,015 global executives including 635 executives from companies that earned less than $5 billion annually in global revenue to better understand how top brands are meeting the needs of today’s customers.

Brands answer economic instability with marketing investments

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Chief marketing officers drive growth through internal sustainability efforts


Rising technologies for marketers to watch


Creativity as a force for growth


Marketing Spot-on

2023 Marketing Trends Webinar

As a marketing leader, do you want to bring the most out of your strategy in 2023 and make this year one of the best? Whether your goals are to increase revenue or to get more leads, starting with a clear strategy can help map out a strong strategy for the new year and beyond. 

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Listen to our podcast episode dedicated to this topic with Wieslaw Kotecki (Partner, Deloitte Digital CE) who will explain several different meaningful ways to help propel brands forward in the coming year and highlights the technologies likely poised make the biggest splash.

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What can you do as a marketing leader to overcome the challenges?  Here are some key takeaways from the study. 


Optimize digital investments by awakening your collaborative potential.

Marketers should consider working closely with key partners across the organization to help optimize technologies and ensure seamless backend integration.


Don’t pull back.

Although cutting down on sustainability investments might feel tempting during a time of economic uncertainty, marketers should consider continuing to invest, retaining a sense of long-term perspective about the socioeconomic demands around sustainability on the horizon.


Rethink what creativity can offer.

Expand the role of creativity within the business to more than just advertisements and campaigns. Reimagine how your organization delivers products, services and experiences through creative problem solving.


Weigh brand priorities in developing your adoption strategies.

Our data shows that companies are still prioritizing investment in technology platforms and capabilities to support personalization and achieve customer-centricity as a top priority, but brands that fail to make a strategy for joining the metaverse may lose the opportunity to become a leader in the space.

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