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Deloitte Real Estate Advisory operates within Advisory Services but draws on experience, expertise and skills of all Deloitte functions (Tax, Legal, Audit, etc.) to provide the clients the best real estate services that are tailored to their unique needs.

Our Real Estate Advisory team is combined of senior professionals with the extensive experience and expertise in Real Estate Industry. Deloitte professionals have gained their experience and expertise throughout years of working within the Real Estate Industry and serving major international and local clients on complex real estate projects.



Real Estate Advisory Services

Advisory Services:

  • Real Estate Market Research
  • Retail Advisory – Network Optimization
  • Solutions for developing and managing retail assets and sales advisory for residential projects
  • Asset Management solutions for positioning or repositioning properties
  • Distressed Management of RE Properties
  • By-Side and Sell-Side
  • Capital Raising
  • Valuation and Feasibility Study
  • Municipal and Public Portfolio Management


• Real Estate Owners & Developers

• Financial Institutions (Banks and Insurance Companies)

• Public & Municipal Companies

• Construction & Homebuilders

• Retail companies

• Real Estate Funds

• Hospitality & Leisure

• Facility Management Companies

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